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How to make IE8 trust a self-signed certificate

Browse to the site whose certificate you want to trust.

Method 1:
1) Download the file ​http://<colama server>/colama_cert.pem
2) Download the file ​http://<colama server>/installcert.bat in same directory as above
3) Execute installcert.bat by double clicking or in command prompt. If using command prompt, make sure you cd to same directory as downloaded file before executing installcert.bat


Method 2:

Following are steps.

1) Select Tools->Internet Options.
2) Select Security->Trusted sites->Sites.
3) Confirm the URL matches, and click "Add" then "Close".
4) Close the "Internet Options" dialog box with either "OK" or "Cancel" and refresh the current page.
5) When told "There is a problem with this website's security certificate.", choose "Continue to this website (not recommended)." Click on "Certificate Error" at the right of the address bar and select "View certificates".
6) Click on "Install Certificate...", then in the wizard, click "Next".
7) On the next page select "Place all certificates in the following store".
8) Click "Browse", select "Trusted Root Certification Authorities", and click "OK".
9) Back in the wizard, click "Next", then "Finish".
10) If you get a "Security Warning" message box, click "Yes".
11) Dismiss the message box with "OK".
12) Select Tools->Internet Options.
13) Select Security->Trusted sites->Sites.
14) Select the URL you just added, click "Remove", then "Close".
15) Now shut down all running instances of IE, and start up IE again.
16) The site's certificate should now be trusted.

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