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How to configure Italc?


To install italc on windows machine use following steps:
1) Open browser on your machine and goto following link: (for 32 bit machine) (for 64 bit machine)

2) Run the binary with administrator privileges to install italc on your machine.
3) Open browser and goto to following link to install italc client keys from Colama RDE server

4) Run the bat file with admin privileges to install client keys on windows machine.
5) If the above script fails, it will generate error log file. Please contact ​support@… with error log file.
6) Reboot the machine.


Ubuntu 12.04:

install italc on Ubuntu 12.04 use following steps:
1) Download file from following link:

2) Run the script with admin privileges like this:

bash ./ -s -i

3) Above step will bring the debian package and client keys from server and install them on Ubuntu 12.04 machine.
4) Reboot the machine.


[NOTE] To propagate changes to all the users, Mark the machine for snapshot, reboot the machine. Deploy the snapshotted image to the collection of interest and make it the default.

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