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How to setup Ubuntu-12.04 in Colama-RDE

Steps for creating Ubuntu-Desktop image.

1) Login as administrator.

2) To create image click on “Create” button.

3) In “Create Image” window provide image name, disk size, and Description.

click on “Submit” button. It show Ubuntu_Desktop_12_04 image in Images page.

4) Click on “Collections”, and then click on “Create” button it will display “Create a Collection” dialog box there provide Name, and Description of new collection.

5) Now go to “Image” page, click on “Ops” button and select “Deploy”.

6) It will display “Deploy Image” window, there select required “Collection” and click on “Submit” button to deploy image.

7) Once the image is successfully gets deployed for collection it will create lab.

8) Now go to “Collection” page, click on “Ops” button of collection (ex: account), and click on “Default Image.” option. It will display “Select Image” window, and click on “Submit” button.

9) Now configure thinclient BIOS to first boot from network and then from cdrom, connect CDROM to thinclient and start thinclient, boot it from network, It will display IPXE menu.

10) Please note down this uuid as we will require it while selecting the Iscsi targets.

11) Once the IPXE menu is get displayed, the thinclient gets registered with open collection.

On IPXE menu, select “Install from cdrom” option and press Enter, it will start installation from media.

(Note: Use Ubuntu 12.04 Alternate amd64 cd for installation. )

12) User need to select “login to iSCSI targets” for disk drive.

Enter IP address of server which hold iSCSI targets i.e. Fusion server.

Select the proper iSCSI targets with the noted uuid.

13) Once setup is complete reboot.

14) Install the hostname check script by running the following command as root.

$wget http://infracc-server/infracc-hostname-check

$cp infracc-hostname-check /etc/init.d/ && chmod +x /etc/init.d/infracc-hostname-check &&  update-rc.d infracc-hostname-check defaults

15) Execute the following script as root:

echo 'iscsi' >> /etc/initramfs-tools/modules

echo 'iscsi_ibft' >> /etc/initramfs-tools/modules

echo 'ISCSI_TARGET_NAME=$(cat /sys/firmware/ibft/target0/target-name)' > /etc/iscsi/iscsi.initramfs

echo 'ISCSI_TARGET_IP=$(cat /sys/firmware/ibft/target0/ip-addr)' >> /etc/iscsi/iscsi.initramfs

update-initramfs -u

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