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How to configure qbasic to go to full-screen and to work in graphics mode.

It can be done by two way either by installing tamebox60 or by using dosbox-0.74

1) Using tamebox60

download tamebox60.exe and install it.

download qbasic, and just double click on qbasic.exe and start.

then you are ready to go fullscreen.


2) Using dosbox-0.74

Download and install dosbox-0.74, and qbasic.

Install qbasic at location "c:\qbasic"

By default it will get installed in c:\programe files\dosbox-0.74 directory.
Navigate to directory c:\programe files\dosbox-0.74 and open file "DosBox 0-74 Options.bat" in editor,
and add following lines in "[autoexec]" section.
mount c c:\qbasic


NOTE: to get full-scree use Alt+Enter key simultaneously.

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