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How to configure postboot to enable shutdown of thinclient ?

To enable shutdown of thinclient perform following steps on "infracc-server"

1. sudo bash
2. cd /var/www/post-boot/thinclient

3. if file scripts.lst does not exist then follow step 3.a otherwise skip to step 4
      3.a) bash

 4. vim scripts.lst

5. uncomment line "common/" and save file.
6. come out of thinclient directory; do cd ..

7. bash

8. You can check on the thinclient terminal if the file ".powersafe-enabled" is created. 

    1. cd /tmp/      
    2. ls -lah

9. Now to test whether it is working or not,
wait till thinclient triggers screen sever, when it triggers screen sever, it will shutdown system.

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