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What are the roles and capabilities supported?

The colama - Univ. Edition platform supports 3 categories of users.

  1. Administrators - who are primarily responsible for
    • Creating and maintaining approved versions (golden images) of virtual machines for other to use
    • Managing (creation/deletion/modification of) user accounts
    • Patch management for the various golden images required by the users
  2. Faculty - who, in addition to the privileges enjoyed by students, can
    • Also attach to consoles of student machines to collaborate/oversee more efficiently
    • Tag any VM instance for a demo
  3. Students - who can
    • Play, pause, resume and stop their machines and access them either locally or remotely as required.
    • Deploy specific virtual machines of interest to them for work
    • Preserve/retrieve versions of their individual machines at will
    • Reset their individual machines to any previously stored state
    • Share their consoles with their teachers whenever required.

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