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What configuration is required to access virtual machine console using Internet Explorer 9?

Note: The method mentioned below might work for other versions of Internet Explorer. This has been tested with Internet Explorer 9. (Mention build number here).
1) Download installer by typing following URL ​http://<infracc-server>/infracc_client.exe in your browser
2) Run the downloaded installer.
3) Set focus on the browser (IE9)
4) Hit F12 key. This would open the developer tools window.
5) On the top right of the developer window locate "Browser Mode:" and "Document Mode:"
Set the "Browser Mode" to "Internet Explorer 8" and "Document Mode" to "Internet Explorer 8 standards".
6) Now try opening a vm console using Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer will open a "open with" dialog for the VMControl.infrc file that gets downloaded. Browse and select C:\Program Files\infracc\infracc_client.bat and check the Always use this program to open this type of file checkbox. The bat file may not be visible directly in the selection window, in that case select "All file" option on dialog box to list it.

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