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Why thinclients are not booting/coming up?


Netbooted thinclients are not booting up at all.

Probable Cause:

The netboot capability depends on a number of services. Chances are that one of these services has stopped working.


Services that need to be running for net booted thinclients to work include ...

  • dnsmasq - required to provide a dynamic IP (via DHCP) and point the thinclient to the tftpserver
  • nfs-server-kernel - required to serve a network file system for the thinclient
  • tftpd-hpa - required to serve the necessary boot images to the thinclient

First, check to see if all these services are running. For example ...

service dnsmasq status

Next check to see if necessary images for a thinclient to boot are available.

exportfs should display two lines as follows



mount | grep tftpboot should display lines as follows

/dev/loop0 on /var/lib/tftpboot/iso-image/thinclient type iso9660 (rw)
/var/lib/tftpboot/iso-image on /srv/boot/iso-image type none (rw,bind)

Recommendation (needs administrator privileges):

If exportfs did not give the expected output described above run it again as follows

exportfs -a

If mount did not give the expected output above try running it manually ...

mount /var/lib/tftpboot/iso-image/thinclient

mount /srv/boot/iso-image

Restart the services that aren't up, in the order listed above. For example ...

service tftpd-hpa start

If the above steps throw errors, please contact support.

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