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How does one initiate live debugging support ?

Live debugging support -

          Colama has the capability to open a vpn connection back to the support center, provided the site administrator allows it, to enable support engineers to debug issues on a live system.


          Newer builds allow the site administrator to initiate the openvpn connection back to the support center by simply navigating to Help >> Support >> Debugging Support and clicking on the Start button.Clicking on the Stop button would terminate the connection.

Starting an openvpn connection back to the support center allows service engineers to inspect the live site installation and should be initiated only if/when requested by the service engineer. 



          Prior to  Build Revision: 2.0.3@4515, the site administrator needed to install openvpn certificates provided by the support engineer and initiated the connection back to the support center by starting the openvpn service manually using the following command.

        sudo service openvpn start

The site administrator is required to terminate the connection using the command

        sudo service openvpn stop

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