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How does one install managed host ?

Configuring a physical machine as a managed host on the Colama™ server involves installing the managed host software packages on the physical host. The installation will automatically register the new host with the Colama™ server.


Hardware requirements

           PCs with >1GB of RAM and >80GB of hard disk space and a network interface card.


Here are the steps to be followed for the installation.


  • Ensure Colama server is properly installed. You can do so by accessing " http://colama-server/colama" using Firefox (right now only Firefox 3.0 and above are supported).


  • Identify a physical host that satisfies the hardware requirements listed above.


  • Install Ubuntu 12.04.1 for 64 bit on the identified machine. During setup configure to acquire IP address via DHCP. Following partition layout is required:
    1. Software Raid 0 (only stripe)
    2. LVM on top of above raid setup.
    3. Single partition for Ubuntu OS on top of LVM.


  • Select the following packages for installation when prompted :
    1. Samba File server
    2. OpenSSH server
    3. Managed host to run virtual machine. (Ubuntu 12.04.1, This will install libvirt and kvm package from CD.)
    4. Print server


  • Install ColamaTM software on the host
    1. Open bash shell and execute the following command
      • $ wget  http://colama-server/
    2. If you plan to use KVM (linux kernel virtual machine) for virtualization, execute the following command as superuser (root)
      • $ ./ -s colama-server -m -k
    3. Or, if you plan to use Vmware server for virtualization,
      1. Execute the following command as superuser (root)
        • $ ./ -s colama-server -m -v
      2. Download VMware Server (version 1.0.9 or greater) packages from the internet.
      3. Follow the installation instructions provided therein.






  • "colama-server" is the host name of the machine in which Colama™ server has been installed.
  • KVM can only be installed on a machine that supports hardware virtualization.
  • While Installing Managed Server on a  Colama™ server br0 has to be configured manually.




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