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What are the steps for installing the Colama™ Univ. Edition server ?

Steps for installing Colama™ Univ. Edition server :

  • Identify a physical host that satisfies the  hardware requirements listed.
  • Install Ubuntu 12.04.1 (Precise Pangolin) on the identified machine
  • Set up networking as follows:
    1. Set up eth0 for an internal class C network with this host statically assigned the IP with netmask
    2. Set up the external interface eth1 with the IP address compatible with the gateway IP identified earlier
    3. Setup IP forwarding with masquerading from eth0 to eth1
  • Set up dnsmasq to enable dynamic dns for the internal network and serve DHCP requests on it. Use the DNS server identified earlier as an upstream resolver.
  • Install the Colama™ Univ. Edition software on the server as follows.
    1. Unzip Colama™ installer tarball by using following command line.                                                                    tar -zxvf colama_installer.tar.gz
    2. Change directory to colama_installer by using following command.                                                                 cd colama_installer
    3. With admin privileges run like this, sudo bash
    4. Above command will install all the dependencies and the Colama™ server. The installation process will ask 
      1. You to select Postfix Configuration for general type of mail configuration
              Select No Configuration option. 
      2. if a new virtual machine repository is to  be created
      3. for details like admin username, email and password.
    5. Colama™ server is now installed and can be accessed at :                                                                      http://colama-server/infracc

Note: "colama-server" is the host name of the machine in which Colama™ server has been installed. Replace it as appropriate for your site.  

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