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How to configure openvpn certificate ? OR How to access the colama network from outside ?


1. Download an attached file with the name 'client_name.tar.enc' that is mailed to you (this file is in encrypted form and to use it, you need to decrypt it)

2.After downloading, to decrypt the file, use the following command.

openssl aes-256-cbc -a -d -in open_vpn_creds.tar.enc -out client_name.tar.gz

when it will ask for password, enter the given password to decrypt it successfully.

3. Once the decryption is done it will create file with "client_name.tar.gz" this file is in compressed form. To untar it use following command.

  • tar -zxvf client_name.tar.gz
    this will create new directory with name client_name.
  • copy content of client_name directory into /etc/openvpn
    cd client_name
    cp  * /etc/openvpn
  • restart openvpn service
    service openvpn restart.

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