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How do I access a printer?

  • First of all the printer needs to be configured on the colama server. 
    • To do this you need to access CUPS web interface on Colama server at port 631 using your preferred browser. 
    • After configuring the printer, print a test page using CUPS web interface. Remember the printer name you configured. 
  • Once the printer has been configured, it can be accessed at URL : http://<colama-server>/printers/<printer name> . 
  • To configure a Windows machine to use the printer 
    • Go to Control Panel and click on Add Printer
    • Use the URL option and specify the above URL to connect to the printer. 
    • On connection you will be queried for drivers. You can choose any driver whose output is in post script (PS) format (generally model names ending with PS). (Note: In case of driver problem try Ubuntu packages cupsys-driver-gutenprint and hpijs (for HP printers) for drivers )

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