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How do I automate joining domain 'COLAMA-WG' on Colama server for guest VM?

The process of joining domain for cloned and deployed virtual machine can be automated while preparing/installing the virtual machine for the first time. Once you have the networking up on the virtual machine you are creating, start Firefox and access infracc Server using the following URL: http://<infracc-server>/infracc . Navigate to this page (FAQ page) inside the virtual machine and then do the following in the virtual machine:

For a Windows guest to do both rename host and join COLAMA-WG domain use RenameAndJoinDomain.vbs to join domain with existing host name use JoinDomain.vbs to only change host name use. RenameHost.vbs Download these VB scripts by right clicking on the link and selecting "Save Link As". For Windows 2000 and older versions download the file StartStopScriptW2k.msc as before. For Xp and later versions download the file StartStopScript.msc . Place both these files in C:\ and run StartStopScript*.msc by double clicking it. Double click on "start" item. Using the UI add RenameAndJoinDomain.vbs. For Windows 2000 guest to join domain, NETDOM.EXE should be installed. This utility comes with Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 Support Tools. It also requires Windows Script 5.7.

For Linux guest, download using the same technique as stated above for windows guest additions. As root run

On Linux you can also use wget (instead of firefox) to download the above mentioned files using the following commands:

#wget http://infracc-server/

in above command infracc-server is alias name of server.

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