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How does one install software or boots machine from cd/cdrom or iso file?

To copy data or to install software from cdrom, the Administrator needs to modify machine configuration file. The Administrator can do this on a stopped machine by selecting 'Edit Config' opsfrom the "Ops" menu on the machines tab/page. That will display a machine configuration file .

edit config
Add the tag given below within the <devices> tag.

<disk device='cdrom' type='file'>

<source file='/dev/cdrom'/>
<target bus='ide' dev='hdb'/>


To boot a machine from iso file change <source file='/dev/cdrom'/> tag to <source file='/isoshare/<iso file name>'/>

To get help on how to add iso in infracc server refer help video at

Help > User guide > Workflows on infracc > Adding ISO

machine configuration

make sure that device id 'dev=hdb' does not clash with disk id.
after doing this click on 'Save' button and start the machine.

To boot machine from cd you need to add tag given below.

<boot dev='cdrom'/>

add given tag in <os> tag above "<boot dev='hd'/>" tag.

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