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What is the keypad enhancer?

While the system goes to great lengths to provide you with an almost native compute experience while using virtual machines, there are some unavoidable differences we will need to deal with.

The most common example is the need to send the key combination Alt+Ctrl+DEL to a windows machine to login. Simply pressing the key combination will likely cause the thinclient from which you are  accessing  the virtual machine to shutdown. To circumvent such situations, you could use the keypad enhancer to combine a set of serialized inputs on the thinclient and send it to the remote virtual host.

Pressing Alt-Alt (twice) in quick succession will enable the keypad enhancer panel. Now pressing Alt followed by Ctrl and then the DEL key will send the key combination Alt+Ctrl+DEL to the remote machine.

If you have activated the panel inadvertently, pressing ESC without having selected any modifier will hide the panel.  

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